About Us

With degrees in Science and Kinesiology, Sandra and Sheylon believe in food-based medicine and maintaining a healthy gut. 


When Sandra became pregnant with her first child this resulted in her having a weaker immune system, extreme nausea and digestive issues that made it hard to stomach anything.  Sandra bought every Ginger based teas, drinks, candy chews and treats she could find to help alleviate her nausea and digestive issues and Sheylon was shipping her ginger products from Georgia.  But Sandra was left unsatisfied and feeling worse because of all the additives and high sugar levels.  Sheylon, being a great big sister & bartender got to work when Sandra was in need and Ginsation came to light.  

Every sip of Ginsation™ will radiate the natural potency and spice of ginger in your drink.  Our Organic Peruvian Ginger comes from the Amazon Basin and it is mature, strong, spicy and robust because of the environment it grows in.

Organic Peruvian Ginger is the main component in Ginsation™.  Typically, other ready to drink teas and juices use ginger as a flavoring and in small amounts.  A lot of consumers do not understand that the choices they make daily in what they choose to drink can help contribute to better health and wellness.  Many do not pay attention to the amount of sugar and carbohydrates being consumed in their drinks each day.  There is a huge need for people to change their pallet and what they are used to drinking. 

Remember, you are what you eat and DRINK!