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Citrus Mist

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  • Orders include 12 bottles.
  • When you buy Ginger Juice, do you want to taste it? So do we! Every sip of Ginsation will radiate the natural heat and spice of Organic Peruvian Ginger that comes straight from the Amazon Basin. Ginsation is a natural, clean & great tasting healthy drink.
  • THE GINSATION DIFFERENCE: Organic Peruvian Ginger is the main component of our drink. It provides a robust spice and powerful punch of ginger that gives Ginsation a personality of its own.
  • JUMPSTART YOUR HEALTH: Ginger is known for its many health benefits and for providing many healthy nutrients and antioxidants. Living a healthy lifestyle begins with the health of your gut. Whether drinking Ginsation for everyday health and wellness, or a specific ailment, Ginsation may aid in digestion, gut health, boost immunity and assist in your overall health and wellness.
  • MULTI-USE OR MULTI-TALENTED: Ginsation is a functional beverage that can be enjoyed daily to revitalize your mind, body, soul and spirit. You can enjoy it hot or cold, use it as a daily pick me up for an energy boost, make smoothies, use it as a pre or post workout or mix it with plain water, sparkling water, juice and alcohol - You can Ginsation however you like!
  • Citrus Mist Ginger Beverage is an everyday problem solver that is packed with a powerful punch of Organic Peruvian Ginger and lemon with the subtle sweetness of wildflower honey. Our fun & unique flavors were carefully formulated and developed to provide the highest quality ingredients. We do not use any form of white sugar. Ginsation is drinkable until the last drop.
  • Ingredients: Organic Peruvian Ginger, Lemon, Wildflower Honey.
Pre-Order Now. We Sell Out Fast. Orders Ship October 5TH!!
  • Pre-Order Now. We Sell Out Fast. Orders Ship October 5TH!!