Our Story

Sometimes you don’t know what you need until God blesses you with it. It all began when I became pregnant with my first child and was unable to stomach a lot of foods and smells due to morning sickness and extreme nausea. I searched and searched for ginger-based teas, drinks and treats that would help alleviate my nausea and digestive issues. I tried every product on the market and found nothing that tasted good and was also low in calorie. I was left unsatisfied and feeling even worse because of the additives and high sugar levels.

Ginsation Founders Sandy and Sheylon

Our belief is if a product states it contains “ginger”, then you should be able to taste and feel the natural potency of the ginger in your drink. We could not find any, so we decided to create our own. One day my sister made me an awesome all-natural, low sugar ginger drink that not only tasted good, but I could actually ‘feel’ the ginger! It soothed my throat and stomach as well. I immediately felt better than I had with any other product I had tried on the market.

With Ginsation™, every sip you take will radiate the natural heat and spice of ginger, along with –our love and passion that was used to create it. Drinking Ginsation™ is an enjoyable experience that will leave you wanting more. Have some now and thank us later.

Experience the Best

We are Ginsation™. We are Ancient and New.

Our Organic Peruvian Ginger comes from a prolific balanced eco-system that thrives in shaded lush abundant soils. Developed over many cycles of life in the Amazon, rarely touched by man. From the valleys in Peru, our beverage journeys to you soaking up the intensity of the sun grabbing nutrients from the valley soils giving you a very specific & unique spice.
We are Ginsation™. Experience the best.

Peru Farm Photo